New donator system and raffle launch!

Good day everyone ! I hope you are all staying safe during the pandemic. I would like to announce the launch of a new donator/points system! We will be holding daily events on a different game each day. Some events will be repeated while others will be one time events. We also may change the individual events due to player interest, suggestions, or technical/economic difficulties. Each event you attend will snag you 1 point. This will make you eligible for the monthly raffle. Each point earned will enter your name once in the monthly raffle. In addition, donors will receive a point multiplier depending on their donator tier as follows: ``` ========== $0 = 1x points $10 = 2x points $20 = 3x points $30 = 4x points + guaranteed prize

Staff = 3x points ========== ```

Donator Tier Rewards:

Tier 1 - $10 monthly

- Donator discord access

- Discord Rank: Infernal - Can request a popular vote to restart a server

- Username included on Doomland website

Tier 2 - $20 monthly

- /god in minecraft server - Can lead server events in place of staff

- Can request a poll for a new server/game to our hub - Discord Rank: Evil

tier 3 - $30

- Name added to "supporters" sign at spawn on each game possible

- Discord Rank: Doomed

- Read only access to admin channels in discord

- Can request a private channel in discord

- Gaurenteed prize each month in addition to the drawing

- One time thank you gift for each person.

Live Calender Link:

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